We always have the questions that repeat a.k.a. the Frequently Asked Questions.

See the list of questions below, and become more knowledgeable about how things work with the Utah Storytelling Guild.

1.  What is the Utah Storytelling Guild?
The Utah Storytelling Guild is a membership organization preserving, promoting, and practicing the art of storytelling throughout Utah and beyond. Founded in 1991 about a year after the first Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, the Guild has grown to over 100+ dues-paying members and many more storytellers and story enthusiasts who attend the monthly chapter meetings or events. See more details here.

2.  How do I join the Utah Storytelling Guild?
Once you have the USG–membership form (left side) with receipt (right side), click on it, print it, and mail it with your dues to the address found there.  You can always attend the free monthly chapter meetings.  However, you are “official” and can be listed on this website and enjoy all the other benefits upon receipt of payment.  As we also have PayPal available to pay dues, the USG membership form can be scanned and emailed to usgmemo@gmail.com to speed processing.  Learn more here.

3.  What is the difference between individual and family memberships?
An individual allows benefits for one person while certain benefits multiply for family memberships. For example, a family membership allows more than one profile on the website. A spouse or youth tellers, with permission from a parent, could be featured. Each family member could also qualify as contributing to the Taleswapper, the quarterly newsletter.  See more details here.

4.  Is there a chapter near me?
Currently we have seven active chapters meeting monthly except for our Dixie Chapter in Southern Utah. You can attend one or all of these chapters, though we expect you will choose to go to the one closest to you. Most of the chapters tend to follow along the I-15 highway. Our chapters range from Logan to St. George with the larger chapters found from Farmington to Orem. See more on chapters here.

5. How do I create a chapter near me?
To be a chapter, there needs to be at least three dues-paying members who serve as the leadership for that area. Submit a written proposal for the forming of the chapter sharing, but not limited to explaining the following: potential for growth, possible members beyond the three dues-paying members, area to meet for monthly chapter meetings, and contact information. Email the proposal to usgmemo@gmail.com. Then, the Utah Storytelling Guild Board as well as the statewide membership votes on accepting another chapter. The group can meet before being voted in, though the group will only be recognized as a chapter after an affirmative vote. Contact Janine Nishiguchi, President, for guidance at (801) 550-2282 or email usgmemo@gmail.com.

6. What is this Taleswapper mentioned a few times on this website?
The Taleswapper is our quarterly newsletter emailed to our dues-paying members.  To get an idea on the Taleswapper and the Guild in general, see this Taleswapper–The Recruiting Issue that was put out Summer 2014.  Our current Taleswapper Editor is Alan Griffin.  Any questions or comments about the Taleswapper can be sent to him through usgtaleswapper@gmail.com.

Have other questions?  Contact Janine Nishiguchi, President, at (801) 550-2282 or email usgmemo@gmail.com.