The Taleswapper

Almost since the Utah Storytelling Guild began in 1991, we had a newsletter for dues-paying members. Recently, the Taleswapper became a quarterly newsletter, with four regular issues plus a special Annual Report. Each USG local chapter is represented with a Chapter Chat and Guest Article.

Included are regular columns from Karl Behling (“Ask the Expert”), Jan Smith (“Storytelling in Education”), and the Timpanogos Storytelling Institute (“Timp Tales”). We also feature news from our two affiliate organizations, Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts and the National Storytelling Network.

You can see Taleswapper–The Recruiting Issue as a way to see the basics of the Guild as well as some information on storytelling techniques.

The newsletter is now distributed by email in PDF format, which allows members to enjoy a full-color version at a decreased cost, though print copies are still available to those who request this option.

You can contact the Taleswapper Editor, Alan Griffin, through  Questions and comments can be directed to him.

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