Affiliates & Organization Members

The Utah Storytelling Guild offers Affiliate and Organization memberships that extend our reach to the general public about the art.  These entities support the Utah Storytelling Guild and typically host, sponsor, and/or promote storytelling and storytelling events.

USG is pleased to have the following Affiliate and Organization Members:

January – December Affiliate and Organization Membership:  $100.00

Benefits of Affiliate and Organization Membership:

Please note:  Benefits are open to the organization with one primary contact.

  • Post your Organization profile page on the USG website with links to your professional website and/or any marketplace materials
  • Your promotional material sent to each Chapter President of the Utah Storytelling Guild to be available and distributed at monthly Chapter meetings
  • Free half-page ad for the quarterly Taleswapper issues (Full-page ads extra)
  • Up to 250-word article on latest news of your organization and its support of storytelling in the Taleswapper
  • Full booth space at annual StorySwap event for informational and/or sales use
  • Discounts and privileges afforded to our individual USG members for your organization members such as, but not limited to, affiliate memberships

Sponsorship levels start with a minimum $500 contribution with all the above benefits and others to be determined case-by-case.  For example, your logo would be on the homepage itself of the Utah Storytelling Guild besides the profile page.  Contact the President, Karl Behling, for more details by calling (801) 390-7163 or emailing