Dr. Ann L. Ellis ~ Karen J. Ashton Award Recipient

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Since its inception about 20 years ago, the Weber State University Storytelling Festival has become a major cultural and social event in Northern Utah.  Every year, thousands of people of all ages gather in late February to share and enjoy the art of storytelling.  The Festival’s outreach extends from toddlers to senior citizens.  Its programs are designed to enhance the activities of the University and sponsoring school districts.  This award-winning Festival is nationally recognized for its emphasis on youth storytellers who perform their stories on stage with practicing professionals.  For Dr. Ann L. Ellis, who was invited to sit on the Executive Committee of the emerging Festival in 1995, the inclusion of children as tellers has been the most gratifying aspect of her storytelling work.  Over the years, an estimated 1200 extraordinary students from local schools have told their stories at the Festival along with renowned national and talented local storytellers.  Ann has served on the Executive Committee since the beginning of the Festival and was its Chair for eight years.  Under her guidance, the Festival has flourished and she helped ensure its perpetuity, as it became part of the Boyd K. and Donna S. Packer Center for Family and Community Education.  She expresses her gratitude to the hundreds of volunteers, Steering Committee Members, and especially sponsors who have nurtured the Festival through the years.  Ann is a long time faculty member in the Department of Teacher Education at Weber State University.  She is married to Dr. Peter M. Ellis.